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At Carume Contracting, we specialize in a variety of earthwork construction services including underground utilities, grading, and paving. We have many years of expertise and experience, ensuring quality and reliable results for all of our customers.


  • Land Clearing

  • Mass Grading

  • Basement Excavations

  • Precision Grading with GPS and Laser Guided Equipment

  • Foundation Excavation/Backfill

  • Deep Excavations

  • Site Work including Grading and Paving

  • Erosion & Flood Control including Storm water Basins

  • Levees, Landslides, Dams


  • Storm Drain Systems

  • Water Systems Sanitary

  • Sewer Systems including Leach Fields, Force-mains & Lift Stations

  • Site Work including Wet and Dry Utility Infrastructure

  • Sanitary Sewers

  • Storm Sewers

  • Storm Water Treatment

  • Water Main

  • Deep Sewer Construction

Join Our Family | Carume Contracting Quality Construction LLC | Fountain Hills, Arizona

Join Our Family

We believe that our success is not just because of the hard work of our family leadership, but also due to the dedication and expertise of our employees. We are proud to have a team of highly skilled professionals, with many of them being long-time employees that we consider family. 


Are you ready to work with a team that values your time, respects your skills, gives you opportunities for growth, and treats you like family? We’d love to hear from you. Reach out today!

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